HMRC compliance activity with corporates can range from risk assessment through to forensic investigation. From matters that can be dealt with relatively easily, to contentious issues that require strategic thinking. All contact from HMRC requires careful consideration in order to minimise potential disruption and cost. HMRC’s approach is to target resources to areas of risk in order to tackle non-compliance and reduce the UK tax gap.

The KPMG Corporate Tax team includes experts with career long experience of tax enquiries, both as tax Inspectors as well as successfully representing clients. This deep insight into the world of tax enquiries and dispute resolution underpins our excellent track record of helping clients reach resolutions quickly and efficiently.

Our team is experienced in dealing with all parts of HMRC and all kinds of corporate tax enquiries. Whether you are a large business struggling to resolve an issue via your Customer Compliance Manager or a mid-size business facing a difficult enquiry, our team can assist you. We are also adept at dealing with specialist teams at HMRC including the Fraud Investigation Service.

How we can help you

We assist clients through the entire compliance cycle - including taking proactive steps before filing a tax return, managing engagement with HMRC and resolving contentious disputes.


We assist in protecting against the likelihood of HMRC enquiries, including:

  • Dealing with HMRC informal requests for information
  • Obtaining the desired risk assessment rating for your business
  • Making voluntary disclosures


We understand HMRC procedures and can help you gain control of enquiries, including:

  • Responding effectively to HMRC information requests
  • Presenting evidence and arguments to support your positions
  • Appealing excessive assessments and negotiating any additional tax liabilities
  • Dealing with HMRC assertions of careless or deliberate behaviour


We understand HMRC’s internal governance and procedures for resolving tax disputes and can assist you to achieve successful resolution, including:

  • Obtaining closure notices on conclusion of HMRC enquiries
  • Securing agreement to settlement proposals in accordance with HMRC’s Litigation & Settlement Strategy including significant settlements accepted by HMRC’s Tax Dispute Resolution Board
  • Managing projects to resolve multiple disputes through HMRC’s High Risk Corporates Programme
  • Acting as mediators in Alternative Dispute Resolution
  • Working with KPMG Law to provide litigation support