Government backed innovation reliefs and incentives can provide UK businesses of all sizes with significant cash savings. They can also provide funding for further innovative activities. These incentives can be used as a part of your broader tax strategy to manage your cash tax and effective tax rate position. Yet, many organisations may still not be aware of the criteria they need to meet in order to qualify.

The KPMG Innovation Reliefs and Incentives group has extensive expertise in this area. We can help you through the claims process to ensure that your business receives the tax reliefs and incentives you’re entitled to.

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Accessing Research and Development (R&D) relief

To qualify for R&D relief, a company must meet a number of tests including facing some element of technological uncertainty.The government definition of R&D is broader than most people appreciate. It hinges on two key criteria:

  • Seeking a technological or scientific advance through the new development or the appreciable improvement of a product, process or system, leading to an increase of technological knowledge
  • Whether during the project, the resolution of scientific or technological uncertainties or challenges were sought, where an experienced professional could not readily deduce a solution

The scope of activities that meet the definition is far wider than most companies realise. We can help you meet the qualifying criteria as well as completing the claim preparation on your behalf.

Leveraging patent box

The patent box regime allows companies of all sizes to apply a reduced 10% corporation tax rate to profits attributed to qualifying patents, plus other similar qualifying intellectual property types.

Working with patent attorneys, we have helped companies who had not previously patented their technology, apply for patents and access the Patent Box regime.


The KPMG innovation reliefs and incentives group is a dedicated national multi-disciplinary team of experienced tax, accounting, IT technologists, scientists and engineers. They are skilled and have expertise across all industry sectors. Our tried and tested methodology is designed to help future-proof claims. We have an established track record in liaising with HMRC to agree approaches to the preparation of claims, helping mitigate risks upfront.

We can work with you in several ways. This includes a fully outsourced solution, where we complete the whole claim preparation on your behalf or a co-sourced solution where we work closely with you to support you with your claim preparation.

We work hand in hand with a range of businesses to help them secure appropriate tax reliefs for which their activities qualify.

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