The way companies and their advisers deal with tax compliance has barely changed over the past 20 years, but the tax environment has. With Making Tax Digital (MTD) for VAT being the catalyst for change to real-time reporting and ultimately introducing new requirements and risks, HMRC’s digital capability is ahead of many companies. To keep up with a fast-evolving digital environment and obtain more value from compliance, you need experts who can transform your approach to tax compliance. We can help navigate this new environment, whilst reducing your burden, freeing up both time and resources.

We have combined our compliance, technology and transformation capabilities under a single framework – Tax Reimagined. We use technology to mitigate risk through automation, improve processes using machine learning, and provide useful business insight using analytics.

We can significantly speed up the data collection process (by extracting data direct from your systems and reducing the input required from your teams) and give relevant individuals visibility over the compliance progress, using KPMG’s Tax Connect platform. This will reduce the time requirement for your teams and enable them to focus on what they do best, leaving the compliance matters to our specialists.

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Corporate tax compliance

Our compliance offering combines the use of innovative technology with outstanding client service from our team of experienced tax professionals from planning through to submission. We will provide a dedicated team of compliance specialists to undertake the technical review of your returns, highlight tax savings and risk mitigation opportunities as well as provide an annual summary to communicate key issues and critical judgements.

Tax Connect Portal:

  • KPMG Tax Connect: One-stop shop for your corporate tax compliance needs

    Tax Connect is KPMG’s one-stop shop that brings all of your tax compliance requirements together in a single place. Tax Connect is a web application which offers a secure, centralised area for sharing tax-related information, tracking progress and ultimately approving your tax returns.

  • KPMG Tax Connect

  • Key features of Tax Connect 
  1. Intuitive Interface
  2. Embedded machine learning
  3. Trial balance: data extraction
  4. Tailored questions
  5. Quality and insightful reporting, in a timely manner

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