How should you structure an acquisition or disposal to meet commercial, legal and fiscal goals? How can you protect against, or price for, potential historical tax exposures identified during due diligence? After executing a deal, how can you retain and incentivise key management? And what does the deal mean for shareholder or investor returns?

These are probably some of the key questions on your mind as you work through a deal for your business. These transactions can be complex with several moving parts and risks to deal with along the way. Our global network of tax professionals will work alongside you to identify material tax risks and advise on practical solutions to achieve your desired business outcomes.

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We have teams located across the world, coordinated centrally by a dedicated Deal Advisory Tax team in the UK, who can help you wherever you're based.

Our team works with you to identify your tax position and any potential deal breakers and assists you with all types of transactions across any jurisdiction. We can also support you with establishing management equity and incentive arrangements that are best suited to your needs.

We can support you with

Buy side transactions

  • Tax due diligence to identify material historical tax risks
  • Structuring the transaction to reflect your commercial objectives and the current tax landscape
  • Advising on key tax assumptions in your financial model, ensuring that it reflects the structure and includes key diligence points
  • Advising on structuring management incentive plans
  • Working with your lawyers on transaction-related legal documents

Debt raising transactions

  • Refinancing of (private) third party debt – tax due diligence and modelling support
  • Capital market transactions to raise (public) debt, including structuring and tax input for public markets mandated documents

Restructuring transactions

  • The ever-shifting economic landscape and impact on the liquidity of businesses means that working capital and debt on the balance sheet need to be adjusted.  We work alongside our restructuring specialists to ensure that the tax implications of restructuring options are managed

Sell side transactions

  • Our teams can provide vendor assistance (so you are ready for sale) and vendor due diligence (so buyers are proactively informed of the tax profile and attributes of the business) to ensure a smooth exit process
  • We also work alongside our separations specialists where you undertake a carve out or demerger of a business before sale as the steps involved can be numerous and complex

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