There are pressures from all sides on the tax function: from digital reporting and mounting regulation, to the drive for cost optimisation amid economic uncertainty.

Coping with these challenges demands ever larger volumes of data. But not all the information you require will sit within the tax function – or even within your organisation. You’ll need to identify what you have, what’s missing, where it can be found, who owns it, and how to get it in the right format and quality.

A rigorous approach to data collection, management and analysis is therefore essential.

End-to-end support

Without the right architecture and solutions, data management will be vastly time-consuming. Our technology and data experts can work with your team to:

  • Carry out a data health check – benchmarking your data management maturity, and identifying how it can improved
  • Formulate your data strategy – ensuring that it’s aligned with the organisation’s wider data ambitions
  • Develop a data management solution – applying best practice to your specific data requirements
  • Implement data governance and quality improvement – establishing a governance framework to enable you to address tax risks arising from your data
  • Produce powerful analytics and insights – leading to better tax and business decisions
  • Manage data compliance – keeping your team focused on strategic, value-added activities

We can support you at any stage in your data lifecycle, on standalone projects or as a managed service. And through the KPMG Digital Gateway, you can access our full suite of tax technology tools, all on one platform.

We’re constantly investing in the latest artificial intelligence, machine learning, data analytics and visualisation technologies. The Digital Gateway lets you apply these to your data, helping you tackle regulatory change; streamline compliance; and drive deep insights that will inform decision-making and add value to the business.