Today’s tax functions operate in an environment of rapid and continuous change.

Tax authorities’ expectations of businesses are moving from retrospective, form-based compliance to real-time ‘compliance by design’. And the regulatory environment is becoming infinitely more complex, with BEPS 2.0, Real-Time Reporting and E-Invoicing all on the horizon.

Meanwhile, finance transformations are disrupting tax functions, driven by the need to replace or upgrade core systems such as ERP, forecasting, payroll and more. Tax departments are often last to hear about such projects – despite the impact on the data they need to collect.

Heads of Tax need to know their teams can stay ahead of external and internal change. That will mean equipping them with the digital technology, and the data analytics capabilities, that the future of tax will demand.

End-to-end tax tech expertise

At KPMG, technology runs through almost everything we do in tax. We’re investing around £5 billion in our own tax technology worldwide.

Our tax team includes data, analytics, visualisation and automation experts. And the firm has formal alliances with market-leading cloud service and tax solution providers.

All of which means we can assist you throughout your tax transformation journey. Working in close partnership with your team, we can support you at every stage:

  • Tech strategy and roadmap: Shift the strategic focus of your tax function, from reporting to forecasting and business partnering.

    We’ll help you to understand your current state; evaluate your tax data and risks; and create a technology strategy and implementation roadmap to get you where you need to be.

  • Solution selection and deployment: The array of digital tax offerings on the market can be overwhelming. We’ll keep you focused on the products and services that will resolve your issues and deliver your objectives.

    We’ll work with your team to select, build, implement and optimise the right tax technology – whether that’s KPMG’s propriety solutions, third-party software or via our Alliance partners.

  • Data optimisationInformation is everything in the future of tax. High-quality data, readily accessible in the right format, will be essential.

    We know how to unleash the value in your tax data. We’ll help you to extract, cleanse, and manage it as effectively as possible, so that it’s primed for advanced analytics and real-time reporting.

  • KPMG’s Digital Academy for TaxBuilding digital capabilities within your workforce is a critical part of driving automation and analytics.

    We’ll help guide to your team to become champions for change by packaging a mix of hands-on exercises and demonstrations with a tailored approach to solving complex data processing needs.

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