Future of Tax

Shape your tax function for a changing world

Tax today is attracting attention like never before – among governments and citizens, in boardrooms and the C-suite, and across businesses and their supply chains. Tax is at the forefront of negotiation and debate, and it is driving decisions on policy, trade, strategy and business transformation.

At the same time, the world around us has changed dramatically in terms of geopolitical shifts, technological innovation, globalisation, new business and consumer demands, and new ways of living and working, and the emergence of previously unseen types of businesses.

Tax leaders face new challenges whether that’s navigating rapid changes in tax policy in the UK and globally, contributing to the ESG agenda, transforming the tax function to be agile and fit for the future or responding to business-led change in their organisations and sector. Tax is having it’s moment. Now is the time for tax leaders to elevate their strategic role and showcase how the tax function can add value inside and outside of the organisation. 

Tax policy disruption

Get ahead of tax policy disruption

Tax function transformation

Reimagine your tax function to be fit for tomorrow

Business-led change

Evolve your tax strategy to stay ahead of rapid change

The digital economy we are building now will be the biggest transformation of tax since the industrial revolution

Vicki Heard
Partner, Head of Tax and Legal Services KPMG in the UK

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