Every family and individual are unique and so are their values and aspirations. Most families can govern themselves and their wealth successfully, however, there comes a time when external support is needed and having a form of family office may help.

A family office can be broadly defined as the infrastructure which supports a family to manage their financial and lifestyle affairs.

Family offices can range from a personal assistant helping with administration, through to a larger team of professionals focused exclusively on managing the family’s wealth. Most families find themselves best served by a solution somewhere in the middle, or a virtual family office with a lean in-house team supported by outsourced capabilities.

At KPMG, we understand the importance of supporting multi-generational families to achieve their joint and individual goals through effective operational structures. Ultimately, a family office can help save time, simplify decision-making and provide peace of mind, which together help enrich the lives of family members.

Our family office clients are currently drawing on the following areas of specialist expertise:

  • Family governance consulting
  • Strategic and operational reviews
  • Corporate governance, regulatory and compliance
  • Philanthropy 
  • Asset management consulting
  • Personal tax advisory and compliance
  • Corporate tax advisory and compliance
  • Corporate finance
  • Technology advisory
  • Financial risk management and compliance

Our family office advisers can draw on the wide experience from areas of our global network to suit our clients’ unique needs. Whether you are thinking about creating a family office for the first time or need to restructure a long-established operation, we can help.

For further information contact us or download our Family Office Services brochure.