International individuals and families can have a tough time navigating the complex UK tax system and how it fits together with the tax rules they face in other countries.

If you are coming to, living in or leaving the UK, our team can help you navigate UK tax rules and understand tax reporting obligations. Our advice extends to families, family offices and associated structures who need to be aware of the impact of UK tax residence on income tax, capital gains tax and inheritance tax.

We also work with non-UK domiciled individuals who wish to claim the remittance basis of taxation. Additionally, we advise non-UK resident trustees on the broader issues offshore trusts can face with UK resident settlors and beneficiaries.

Our tax advisers have extensive experience and knowledge to help ensure that your tax affairs are in order. They can simplify complex UK tax legislation for you. Our global network of member firms enables us to provide multi-jurisdictional advice to clients with worldwide wealth and assets.

If non-UK resident individuals or trusts own or wish to purchase property in the UK, we can provide guidance on UK tax reporting requirements. We can also help you understand how the purchase or sale of such property will be subject to income tax, capital gains tax, stamp duty, annual tax on enveloped dwellings and inheritance tax.

How we can help you

We can assist you in all areas of international private client tax, including:

Tax residence

Your UK tax residence status affects how you are taxed in the UK. The Statutory Residence Test can help you assess your status. However, in many cases, certain areas of the test remain open to interpretation such as the definition of a UK workday. Our experts can advise you based on your personal circumstances. We can also assist with tax residence of trusts.

Non-UK domiciled individuals and the remittance basis

If you are a non-UK domiciled individual, we can advise you on accessing the remittance basis of taxation, so, your foreign income and foreign capital gains will be taxed only to the extent they are remitted to the UK. We can also work with you through the complexities of operating the remittance basis and practical aspects of claiming it. We have seen several amendments in this area and our experts take them into account while advising you.

Overseas ownership of UK property

Non-UK residents now have to comply with numerous changes to the taxation of UK residential and commercial property they hold. We make sure you are aware of what these changes mean for your tax position. In some cases, you might be subject to additional reporting requirements.