Making the most of your technology is vital in the current climate.

Tax reporting is going digital worldwide. The compliance burden is increasing exponentially. And the ESG agenda has put the tax function firmly in the spotlight.

But while the demands on tax functions reach new heights, budgets remain tight.

With little additional resources to help address these pressures, technology will play a central role in the tax function of the future.

The right solutions, properly implemented, will shift your focus from statutory reporting to forecasting and business partnering – adding greater value to the organisation.

That’s why you need a tax technology strategy and roadmap.

Understanding your technology journey

Our experts can help you create a technology strategy and roadmap, and identify the solutions you need.

The strategy sets out how digital technology will help deliver your tax goals – and generate ROI. We’ll work with you to assess the current state of your IT and data, and understand where you need to get to.

And we’ll help you plan the roadmap to get you there – by prioritising your activities into categories based on importance and strategic impact:

  1. Strategic investments (high importance, high impact): major transformations that add significant value, but demand huge effort and resources.
  2. Priority projects (low importance, high impact): quick wins that will generate momentum, establish credibility and build confidence.
  3. Hygiene activities (high importance, low impact): urgent actions that would be disastrous to neglect, but have little strategic impact.
  4. Watch list (low importance, low impact): complex, expensive projects that promise no strategic impact.

Save, Curate and Share

Save what resonates, curate a library of information, and share content with your network of contacts.

Strategy and roadmap

We can support you at any point on your tax technology journey – whether you’re looking to get started with your strategy, or need help moving along your implementation roadmap.

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