Today’s tax function is constantly evolving and there is no shortage of challenges and opportunities. Carrying on as in the past is not a viable option. Companies need to be ready for the changing digital future, as well as be compliant. The role of external expertise has never been more important to help clients reimagine every aspect of tax.

Using our Tax Reimagined framework which combines technology, transformation and compliance, our solution architects can collaborate with companies to reimagine their tax function and delivery of their compliance obligations.

We can help clients design a target operating model to ensure execution, reduce costs, improve quality and unlock value from the tax and statutory function. From in-house automation to outsourced managed service solutions, we consider every option to rethink what the tax function can look like.

How we can help you

Our solution architects bring tax expertise, a deep understanding of technology and innovative operating model designs to help you reimagine your tax function. We work with you:

- To create a target operating model blending managed services and technology to help the gears of your business flow seamlessly.
- To create a bespoke KPMG Tax Reimagined workshop to provide you the opportunity to imagine the model that works for you and bring it to life.
- To conduct rapid diagnostics and benchmark your data, to take you from dreaming of the possible to the foundations of a tangible business case in less time than you think.

The end state is a holistic solution combining a managed services model which integrates all compliance processes (statutory accounting, tax reporting, direct/indirect tax compliance, transfer pricing) and an integrated tax transformation effort which standardises and optimises tax processes by leveraging KPMG’s Lean Six Sigma methodology for tax.
The solution may start with managed services or transformation. Key to this is a single technology platform, KPMG Digital Gateway for data management, tax data analytics and visibility & control.