The tax professional’s skillset is changing.

Given the shift to digital and real-time tax reporting, technology and data capabilities are becoming just as important as technical knowledge. Tax teams need to understand and work with data in new ways; gone are the days when they can rely on the IT department for it. Tax Leaders must equip their teams to use AI and automation technology to access and analyse data; meet digital reporting requirements; and make public disclosures.

Learning from experience

At KPMG, we’ve been through the tax digitalisation journey.

Our tax team combines digital as well as technical experts. We know the technology solutions on the market, and how they can transform tax processes and data. And we have partnerships and alliances with many of the leading vendors.

We can bring this experience to help you address your digital tax skills requirements.

Our services / solutions

The KPMG Digital Tax Academy offers a uniquely flexible approach to training tax professionals. We’ll create a curriculum tailored to your needs, and match courses to participants’ levels – from providing a working knowledge of a topic to supporting expert practitioners.

We also run hackathon events, to help tax leaders understand the benefits of AI and automation technologies, and how to impendent them within their tax functions.

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