Attracting and retaining the best talent who are committed and skilled is crucial for every organisation's success. An effective reward and retention mechanism for employees not only drives performance but incentivises the right behaviours. Likewise, a carefully considered remuneration strategy could save costs for both you and your employees and this approach can work both during a tentative recovery or a planned expansion.

The evolving tax environment in the UK can impact the efficiency of certain incentives with changes to governance and regulation. We not only focus on these aspects but also provide insights around strategy.

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Our approach

Our team of specialists support businesses across a variety of sectors to reward their employees efficiently and effectively. We can help with all the elements that constitute an employee's overall reward package. From how it is benchmarked to how it is structured, designed and delivered.

Our clients seek accessible, innovative, tech-enabled solutions to manage their workforce. Our reward solutions complement and underpin the wider People Services technology offerings available.

From hire to retire, we are with you at each stage of the commercial journey.

How we can help you

We can help optimise effectiveness and efficiency of employee value propositions and in turn reduce employer costs. Mitigate tax and reputational risk on compliance matters and develop robust governance controls and best practice where appropriate.

Compliance matters:

  • ERS annual return filings
  • Corporation tax relief in relation to employee share awards
  • Global equity compliance management
  • IFRS2 ‘share based payment’ valuations and disclosures
  • HMRC compliance reviews or enquiries in relation to share plan or other employment-related securities matters

Reward Advisory Services:

  • Pay & reward strategy
  • Share plan and equity incentives (discretionary and all-employee)
  • Management support on transactions in relation to incentive design
  • Job evaluation and pay banding
  • Reward consulting and benchmarking
  • Remuneration committee advisory support
  • Employee ownership trusts
  • Sales incentives and bonus plans
  • Employee value proposition and total reward

Whether you are operating domestically in the UK or internationally (in which case our Global Mobility Services may also be of interest), we will provide insightful, pragmatic, best practice advice, supported by tech-enabled solutions and platforms.



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