Tax and the ESG agenda are inextricably linked.

As a social issue, how much tax you pay is often viewed as a measure of your financial contribution to the communities in which you operate. However, the role of tax in your ESG journey is much broader than just your tax footprint. With the right business partnering in place, tax can be a key enabler across all of your ESG workstreams.

With governments increasingly using tax policy to reach environmental and social targets, incentives, grants and reliefs can provide vital funding for ESG projects. At the same time, the introduction of new environmental taxes can introduce additional complexity to your operations and unexpectedly increase your operating costs. How will you implement the necessary systems, processes, and controls to meet your new obligations and demanding data requirements? 

Understanding what the tax landscape looks like now and in the future will be vital to the success of your ESG workstreams. Tax, therefore, can play a central role, not just in supporting your ESG journey, but in driving value for your business. 

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How we can help you embed tax into your ESG strategy

Our team of multidisciplinary experts is on hand to support you in identifying the tax opportunities to achieve your ESG ambitions. We’ll help you build trust in your ESG strategy with a sustainable tax approach across workstreams, including:

  • DecarbonisationWe can help you navigate the increasingly complex landscape of incentives, grants and environmental taxes to optimise funding, manage costs and remain compliant, all supported by KPMG’s global ESG tax database and network of tax specialists. Considering carbon trading? Our team can help you assess the tax implications of engaging with this emerging market.  
  • Sustainable Supply ChainsWe can identify the tax risks and opportunities facing your business as you embark on supply chain transformation. Whether this be updating your transfer pricing policy for new value chains or a change in your VAT position by shortening the supply chain, our connected global network means you will have the right specialists on hand to manage the tax interactions across your global supply chain.
  • Responsible TaxWith a growing focus on ‘paying your fair share’, how does your tax strategy reflect your values? Our specialists can help you articulate and execute your responsible tax ambitions. And with stakeholders increasing their focus on tax transparency, we can help you access and interpret the data you need for comprehensive and compliant reporting. Learn more about our Tax Impact Reporting offering here.  
  • Workforce of the FutureWe can help you build ESG into your Employee Value Proposition and executive reward schemes, while ensuring you understand the tax implications for your organisation and your people.  
  • Risk & GovernanceGovernance is the pillar that underpins the ‘E’ and the ‘S’. Getting it right is key to evidencing that you can “walk the talk”. And with increased scrutiny and shareholder action over businesses’ tax affairs, effective tax governance is rising to the top of boardroom agendas. We can help you design and implement robust risk management frameworks, harness data and embrace new technology to transform your tax function. 

Whether you are just starting out on your ESG journey or need support in a targeted area, we can help you articulate and execute your ESG tax agenda. Get in touch with one of our specialists today for more information.