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Businesses across all sectors face diverse challenges – from new regulations to political uncertainty and digital disruption. Continued success means being more flexible and cost-effective, better connected and better informed.

Fortunately, technology holds many of the solutions. KPMG’s strategic alliance ecosystem is designed with a select group of leading technology providers to help our clients address today's top issues and deploy the solutions that will help deliver sustainable transformational change.

Our Alliances

Business first

We are business advisers, applying our consulting insights to understand your issues and how best to solve them. We work on developing a deep understanding of your organisation and we propose the technology solution we think best fits the challenge.

Speeding up progress

For major transformations in HR, finance, risk, IT and procurement, we use our Powered Enterprise approach. This combines a tailored configuration of some elements of your implementation with best practice for the remaining processes. 

Lasting change

We ensure your implementation meets business goals and delivers genuine lasting change. Our innovative capabilities, in areas including tax, risk and business processes, represent the full range of business expertise.

Digital excellence

Our strategic alliances are tightly focused on the technology providers that excel across areas such as blockchain and the mobile economy, cognitive and digital labour, cyber security, data and analytics and regulatory change. We constantly track emerging technologies to identify potential new partners and our strategic alliance assignments have increased four-fold over the past four years. We’ve supported digital transformation across sectors for businesses, from global organisations to SMEs.

Some or all of the services described herein may not be permissible for KPMG audit clients and their affiliates or related entities.