In the era of digital tax, technology has become essential to effective tax operations.

The right tax technology will streamline time-consuming tasks such as data handling and reporting. It will extract more value from your data, and focus your team on strategic activities like forecasting and business partnering.

Your tax technology strategy and roadmap will assess your current IT and data systems; set out your ideal future state; and highlight any gaps between the two.

Filling these gaps will mean investing in the right solutions. But with so many on the market, it’s easy to get distracted by products that won’t help deliver your tax strategy.

Supporting your vendor selection journey

The first step in finding the right tech is to identify your key stakeholders – within and beyond the tax function – and make sure you understand their requirements.

KPMG’s experts can help you to:

  • identify your ‘must-haves’
  • pinpoint what to deploy as a minimum viable product
  • decide between a big-bang implementation or an agile, phased approach

We’ll then help you find a solution that will deliver. Our objective vendor-selection process includes:

  • establishing clear and consistent criteria
  • evaluating and comparing capabilities in light of your objectives
  • rating the different solutions using a weighted scoring method
  • assessing any requirements for potential cloud adoption
  • defining scope and KPIs
  • contracting with your chosen supplier

We have an extensive database of solutions for running different aspects of tax operations. We can map your requirements against our analysis of each product, to inform and accelerate your decision.

Save, Curate and Share

Save what resonates, curate a library of information, and share content with your network of contacts.

Solution implementation

Once you’ve found the right solution, we’ll support you throughout the implementation journey – whether you choose a KPMG propriety offering, third-party software or one of our Alliance partners.

Technology transformation isn’t easy. We’ll support you to maximise your chances of success by starting with a stakeholder buy-in exercise, and a detailed change-management plan that covers:

  • Project management, governance and controls
  • Requirements and design
  •  Implementation methodology
  • Testing
  • Go-live
  • Post-deployment roles and responsibilities
  • Maintenance and support
tax tech

We can help wherever you are along the technology selection and deployment process – or take you through the whole journey from start to finish.

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