Dispute Advisory Services

We offer practical dispute advisory to assist your business in dispute & litigation cases.

Dispute Advisory Services include accounting, economic, loss quantification and valuation related advice and opinions, as well as document disclosure services. Our objective assessments help to resolve disputes in arbitration, litigation, insurance claims, and transactions. We serve as privileged consultants, expert witnesses, arbitrators and panel-appointed neutral experts.

KPMG Forensic assists litigants and their legal counsel with potentially costly and disruptive disputes and litigation.

Bob Dillen

Partner, Head of Forensic

KPMG Switzerland

KPMG's expertise

  • Expertise in handling any kind of financial and accounting aspects of disputes
  • Forensic technology skills to master large volumes of data and documents
  • Cross-industry experience combined with multi-disciplinary team
  • Access to international experts pool of KPMG employees worldwide
  • Damages assessments
  • Investigations and analyses
  • Data collection, data analyses and e-disclosures
  • Expert witness and oral testimonies, or acting as court-appointed expert witnesses
  • Arbitration, mediation
  • Forensic transaction services
Dispute Advisory

Dispute Advisory

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Client issues

  • White-collar crime, bribery and corruption
  • Commercial disputes
  • High-value family and matrimonial disputes
  • Shareholder disputes
  • Post-acquisition disputes
  • Insurance claims
  • Contract breaches
  • Data security, Cyber
  • IP infringement

Our approach

  • We are able to respond quickly and effectively and we work hand-in-hand with your legal counsel.
  • We provide a practical and tailored approach to each assignment, sensitive to concerns over business disruption, confidentiality and reputation issues.
  • We have the ability to help you and your legal counsel access, manage and analyze large volumes of digital data and documents.
  • We help you collect evidence for the procedure and we provide analyses that can be integrated in the lawyer’s memorandum or part of an independent report.
  • We prepare clear and objective reports that provide a powerful presentation of facts, opinions and conclusions.

How we have helped our clients

Client challenge

Commercial dispute

In the context of a commercial dispute, we assisted the legal counsel of one of the parties by collecting and extracting data from bank statements, reconstructing and analyzing the financial flows of the adverse party’s bank accounts (more than 5,000 pages of bank statements).

KPMG response and benefit to client

  • Prepared analyses to identify the destination and counterparties of financial transactions
  • Identified the use of funds and assets for the purpose of applying for judicial seizure
  • Reviewed the documents and emails of the suspicious individual in order to gather evidence of his role in the embezzlement, using our Forensic Technology experts and IT tools such as Relativity
  • Assisted lawyers in the preparation of memoranda for judicial authorities
  • Assessed the financial loss suffered.

Client challenge

Commercial contract breach

In the context of an ICC arbitration, we acted as an expert on behalf of a company in the industrial sector following a breach of contract.

KPMG response and benefit to client

  • Collected relevant documents for a financial analysis, and held working sessions with controllers, technicians and sales persons
  • Assessed the damage suffered in coordination with external and the company’s own legal counsels
  • Testified before the arbitration court.
  1. Main sectors & clients

    Our clients come from all industries, such as automotive, financial services, pharma & chemicals, telecommunication & media, sports federations, commodity trading, construction, and public administration.

Why KPMG Forensic?

KPMG Forensic offers a team of professionals experienced in providing impartial advice on a range of financial and accounting aspects of disputes. We are supported by over 40 accredited Forensic practices worldwide, giving us leverage if the complexity and nature of a case requires a multidisciplinary, extraterritorial approach.

This is an important advantage as complex disputes can arise involving parties and courts from more than one country. The coordination is carried out discreetly by your personal contact according to your needs.

Your key contacts

Eric Blot

Partner, Forensic Western Switzerland

KPMG Switzerland

Overview of Forensic services

The Forensic team at KPMG helps clients prevent, discover and handle cases of misconduct.
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