KPMG Valuation Data Source

Cost of capital parameters on one view

Identifying capital costs faster


Researching and preparing data to identify capital costs does not have to be a cumbersome process. Our Valuation Data Source summarizes all important capital cost parameters – including beta factors and credit spreads.

The tool provides access to parameters influencing the cost of capital from a pool of data generated by more than 9,000 companies all over the world containing all different peer groups, with data ranging from 2012 to the present. The interactive dashboard is updated monthly and may be accessed anywhere and anytime.

Johannes Post

Partner, Deal Advisory, Global Head of Valuation Services

KPMG Switzerland

Main features at a glance

  • Direct WACC calculation and access to all relevant capital cost parameters
  • Reliability and monthly updating of data ensured by KPMG experts
  • Option to select the cash flow currency
  • Parameters available for download as Excel sheet
  • Compilation and storage of your own peer group from over 11,000 companies worldwide

Insight into the dashboard

demo valuation data source webslider

Further product information

Available parameter
  • Levered Beta
  • Unlevered Beta
  • Debt-to-Equity Ratio
  • Debt Beta
  • Credit Spread
  • Risk-free rate
  • Market risk premium
  • Country risk premiuim
  • Inflation differential
  • Average tax rate
  • Selected exchange rate
Product presentation valuation data source

Product presentation valuation data source

Country overview Valuation Data Source

Country overview Valuation Data Source

Company overview valuation data source

Company overview valuation data source

Available products at a glance

Self Service: Self-service access to the digital KPMG Valuation Data Source

Managed Service: Self-service access to the digital KPMG Valuation Data Source Personal consultant as contact person for the set-up, e.g. for the integration of the peer group companies. Presentation and discussion of the data at a preferred time of the year. Standardized summary of the work results (Executive Summary).

Tailored Service: In addition to the Managed Service, tailored derivations of parameters or background research, e.g. on changes in beta factors, outlier analyses or special analyses for high-risk countries. Multiples and other key figures, e.g. balance sheet ratios or current liabilities. Evaluation of the statistical data. Customized documentation for your individual needs.

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