Board Building

Empowering prospective and experienced members in their complex challenges.

As the board’s role continues to evolve, and investor and regulator expectations for board oversight and engagement increase, board composition and succession planning are increasingly critical. To position your company for the future, your board must be effective and credible. As a sounding board for management and advisor on key decisions, the board needs to be knowledgeable on a wide range of topics. 

We’ve been working with our clients’ boards around the world and across industries. To share our experience and knowledge, we have designed convenient, practice-oriented workshops and trainings to meet the needs of new and seasoned board members alike.

Workshops and trainings

Board agendas are growing. Board performance is under greater scrutiny. And board members are expected to take a more active role in the long-term value creation of their organization. As the number of challenges and priorities increases, so too does the range of expertise required. Many board members find themselves in new and unknown territory.

At the same time, most codes of best practice in corporate governance require board members to undergo periodic training to enhance their knowledge and skills and become strategic change agents of their companies. 

Discover the KPMG Board Leadership Center’s workshops and trainings, tailored to board-level participants and the specific needs of your organization. 

Our expertise spans a wide range of topics. For example, we can help your board tackle:

  • Risk management
  • Innovation and technology analytics/data analytics
  • Data integrity and security/cyber security
  • Finance and accounting
  • Sustainability
  • Mergers & Acquisitions
  • Management and development of talented employees

Onboarding support

It takes time to truly understand the business – its operations, strategies, risks, and management team – as well as the responsibilities and culture of the board and its committees. A structured induction program can greatly accelerate a new member’s integration and contribution to the board’s work. An effective program includes essential information and briefing materials, quality discussions with key people and a roadmap for getting up to speed.

KPMG’s extensive knowledge, helpful publications and years of experience help prepare and train prospective board members. Our Board Leadership Center onboarding program empowers you to get off to a flying start so you can perform your new role responsibly, efficiently and effectively. We prepare and train prospective board members.

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> Using the example of the Audit Committee

Our onboarding support includes

A dedicated and experienced KPMG partner to personally support you through the onboarding process

Relevant, high-quality and accessible information concerning the different aspects of your board role

Guidelines to help you ask the right questions and collect the information you need to fully understand your business and its challenges

"For anyone joining a new board, a learning curve comes with the territory. Just how steep that curve is and how quickly a new board member is able to contribute meaningfully to board and committee meetings depends directly on the quality of the induction and onboarding process."


Florin Janine Krapp
Member of the Board Leadership Center

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We’re here to help you tackle your boardroom challenges.

Building a great board

What’s driving the focus on board composition? What are the key elements for success, and what potential challenges do board members face? And how do you attract the right people with the right skills at both the technical and personal level? 

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Career goal: Board member

Interview with Dr. Monika Krüsi, President of the Board of Directors of Repower

How do you select a company whose board you would like to be on and how do you manage to be elected? How important is industry knowledge or is experience as a board member or CEO sufficient? What is the case for diversity on the board of directors and why is it not just a question of gender? How does a newcomer behave on an existing board and what’s the best way to start off on the right foot?

Find the answers to these and more questions in our conversation with Dr. Monika Krüsi.

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