The grace period is over: like other business units, legal departments are increasingly expected to operate more efficiently and cost-effectively.

Meeting these expectations is a Herculean task for in-house legal teams, which face unprecedented challenges in a fast-paced business environment, including:

  • Managing growing workloads and complex legal issues with limited capital, human and technological resources
  • Improving efficiency in the delivery of legal services and maintaining high standards with respect to quality, risk and governance management despite pressure to reduce associated costs
  • Increasing client-centricity and satisfaction by continuously creating value for relevant stakeholders
  • Keeping pace with rapidly changings laws, regulations and compliance requirements
  • Effectively managing and organizing large volumes of legal data, documents and knowledge
  • Successfully recruiting, maintaining and inspiring a diverse legal team

To meet these challenges and become a more forward-looking, agile and strategic business partner, legal departments need to proactively challenge their existing legal operating model, processes and structures. This includes embracing both technology and data-driven solutions.

Our solutions to your challenges

With our proven Legal Operations Transformation Services, we help corporate legal teams create a more efficient, effective and strategic legal department that supports company-wide success.

Our proven cross-disciplinary methods, tools and approaches have been designed to guide you through your legal department’s critical transformation process.

Legal Operations Transformation Consulting

Legal Operations Consulting

We put together a multidisciplinary team to help your legal department transform successfully by applying best practices in organizational and process improvement. Our expertise and experience is complemented by both technology and data-driven solutions. Our Legal Operations Consulting services include:

  • Legal operations maturity assessment: Identify opportunities for tactical quick wins and long-term digital transformation by understanding the corporate legal department’s level of maturity in business-relevant areas such as structure, processes and resourcing.
  • Benchmarking: Understand the organization’s legal operations as they compare against industry standards.
  • Legal department strategy: Develop and redesign the legal department’s strategy to create a more agile and effective legal function capable of focusing on strategic priorities.
  • Target legal operating model: Design and optimize the legal function’s operating model and legal operations.
  • Transformation roadmap: Develop a customized roadmap for digital transformation that is aligned with the legal team’s strategic needs and takes the existing landscape into consideration.
  • KPIs and KPI dashboards: Measure, track and evaluate the performance and effectiveness of the in-house legal team by adopting key performance indicators specifically designed for the legal function.
Technology Solutions

Legal Technology Solutions

We provide legal technology consulting services that enable your in-house legal team to identify, test and implement appropriate Legal Tech solutions that serve both legal and business objectives. Our Legal Technology Solutions include:

  • Legal Tech maturity assessment: Assess the technical maturity of the legal function to identify and close potential gaps.
  • Digital transformation strategy: Innovate and embrace digital transformation by adopting a digital transformation strategy, leveraging new technologies (ML, AI, blockchain, etc.) and developing new skillsets.
  • Development and implementation of Legal Tech solutions: Implement standard and/or customized software to automate time-consuming routine processes and workflows, increase productivity and reduce the risk of errors.
  • Vendor selection: Obtain assistance when selecting vendors for Legal Tech solutions for legal matter management, contract lifecycle management (CLM), legal spend management, knowledge management, document analytics and discovery, etc.
  • Training: Leverage our in-depth training and support services to ensure your legal team is best equipped to embrace the latest legal technologies.
Managed Legal Services

Managed Legal Services

We help your legal department boost its efficiency, effectiveness and quality of work with our innovative, technology-enabled Managed Legal Services by leveraging proven process standards, templates, working models and technological solutions. Our Managed Legal Services include:

  • Legal support hub: Source corporate expertise in all areas of business law, additional resources and Legal Tech solutions to manage legal work efficiently and effectively during workload peaks. Our capabilities include due diligence support, contract management, document automation, information extraction and legal bots. We provide both outsourcing and out-tasking services.
  • Global Entity Management: Source a variety of tech-based support solutions including incorporation services to integrate new entities into a corporate structure, ongoing corporate compliance support and health checks, as well as a host of other crucial entity management services for multinational organizations.
  • International Business Reorganization: Use our data-driven legal project management solution, which combines the organization’s data with KPMG Law’s global repository of legal know-how. This helps legal functions plan and implement group reorganization and streamlining projects by automating key aspects of project processes.

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