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The boards of listed companies are increasingly setting up dedicated ESG committees to deal with climate change, diversity and other ESG issues. How companies address these is now viewed – by investors, research and ratings firms, activists, employees, customers and regulators – as fundamental to business success, long-term sustainability and value creation.

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Risk and compliance

Today’s economic environment is one of unprecedented dynamism and uncertainty. Companies find themselves in an increasingly complex world that harbors significant risks – but also opportunities – and should respond with effective management and close monitoring of measures put in place.


From ESG to equal pay: regulators, customers and employees want reliable information on topics beyond the scope of traditional financial reporting. Boards are increasingly seeking independent assurance to enhance credibility and reliability of financial and non-financial disclosures. At the same time, audits are becoming increasingly data-driven, making it more important than ever to keep up with tech advances.

Corporate reporting

As stakeholder expectations evolve, corporate reporting is also changing. Alongside established financial reporting standards, various initiatives and regulations are emerging to give stakeholders more transparency on a company’s broader impact on society and the environment.

Women’s Network

We regularly speak with high-ranking board members and personalities from the worlds of business, politics, and science. We have met many high-profile women who are successful at the highest levels of leadership. Read on to discover their challenges and visions.