Digital transformation is table stakes for remaining competitive in today’s technology-driven world. However, delivering successfully is far from straight-forward. Recent research indicates that roughly only 1/3 organizations have successfully delivered their digital transformations, and almost 2/3s of projects don’t deliver their planned results.

Most organizations face major questions such as how do I drive my strategy?  Where do I start? How do I engage the business? And how do I govern my programme?

At the core of these programmes, is the role of IT: shifting the application of technology from cost center to business partner and enabler.

Our dedicated team of transformation experts can make your digital transformation programme a vital business asset, through the framing, discovery, design, and implementation of an IT Strategy, as well as setting up and executing a digital transformation programme.  

Your challenges - our solutions

We have developed specific capabilities to guide you through the critical phases of your transformation journey:

Programme mobilization & definition

Successful transformations start with strong foundations.  

Entreprise-wide digital programs have become strategic assets for most organizations to stay competitive in their market. If not properly managed, such programs can lead to significant financial losses. 

KPMG can help you improve your success from the programme strategic setup to the program implementation, providing advice based on our vast experience. 

Our services include: 

  • Strategic programme setup: Helping you build the foundations of your program with the business case, the architecture landscape (current and target), the project portfolio identification, and the governance definition
  • Transition to target state: Guiding the delivery of your program with PMO, operating model and IT architecture transition, and governance

Program assurance

Sometimes you need a judicial friend.

Our program assurance capabilities assess transformation programs across multiple disciplines, giving you the confidence that your program is headed in the right direction, or providing you with tough feedback on what needs to change to get a program on track.

Our methodical approach combines our audit heritage with relevant sector insights, to ensure alignment with strategic business objectives as well as to identify, prevent, and mitigate risks.   

Example interactions include:

  • Initial & tollgate review:  assessing your program at key stages to ensure sustainability 
  • Deep dive review: performing full-depth focus on a limited scope on topics identified as risk areas
  • Continuous assurance: providing regular assessment and challenge to maintain the pace all along your project as a skeptical but supportive friend

Transformation delivery

Make sure your digital transformation succeeds. Getting it done.  

Digital transformation does not stop with strategy. Unavoidably, there will be obstacles in the way of implementation. The difference between success and failure lies in how you drive your program to get your employees invested in your vision. It requires the exact balance between insiders fully aware of the business and its stakes, and the right partner.  

We help you deliver your program with an outcomes-oriented approach giving you the absolute confidence that you reach the best market standards and practices. 

Contact us for:

  • Project portfolio management: helping organizations identify and prioritize initiatives, ensuring investments in what truly matter for its future
  • Implementation execution: carrying out the detailed plan from beginning to end
  • Benefits tracking: setting up relevant performance insight to monitor the success of the execution
  • Program financial management: setting up and managing your program budget (funding governance, controlling, accounting)

Your partner for every step of the journey

To be successful, these programs require a partner who is invested in every phase of the journey.

At KPMG Switzerland, we have a team of digital and IT transformation professionals with a wide range of experience across all industries, to help you reach your business and IT goals.

With a renowned global network of interdisciplinary experts, we are ready to stand by your side. 

Your key contact

If you have questions about our services, we would be happy to hear from you and help you find out how we can support you.