In today's digital world, change is the only constant. Companies and leaders must be ready to navigate through transformations and embrace opportunities. We help you realize your ambitions with technology driven organizational change management and digital transformations.

At KPMG, we understand that organizations are in a continuous state of evolution. Adapting to market trends, seizing opportunities, and tackling challenges are imperative

To create lasting value, it’s not so much the organization itself that needs to change, but the underlying technology and ways of working. This is where effective change management becomes pivotal.

What is Change Management

Change management is the process through which we empower people to achieve desired results and outcomes during times of change. By integrating change as a strategic capability, we cultivate agility and build a solid foundation for success.

With our tailored and proven change methodology, powered by Prosci, KPMG ensures technology-driven transformations that deliver value and user-centric experiences. Our structured, data-driven approach empowers organizations, leaders, and employees alike to manage change proactively and effectively from project inception to completion, ensuring long-lasting and sustainable results.

Why Change Management is important

Projects which do not apply change management often fail to deliver expected and effective results. It is also likely that the transformation timeline will extend, and costs increase. Often, the limited customization of technology solutions also results in wasted investment, adding to an unsatisfying end result with little impact.

Projects that integrate change management are:

  • expected to meet project objectives.
  • expected to stay on schedule.
  • expected to meet budget requirements.
  • expected to increase ROI (People understand the transformation of ways of working).
Projects including change management - Why Change Management is important

Our expertise in Change Management

Our KPMG Change Management team supports the full cycle of the change process, ensuring your people-related ROI is achieved. Our change management approach is an enabling framework for managing the human side of change.

The services offered range from defining the change management strategy and initiatives to managing and executing the change management program. Our services are always tailored to your specific needs.

Risk and change readiness

We examine the risks inherent in organizational transformation programs. Through detailed analysis, we assess the readiness of your organization for change.

Change management program

We specialize in designing and implementing comprehensive change management programs tailored to the specific needs of your organization. Our focus is on the people side of change, ensuring a smooth transition and maximizing adoption and engagement. For more information look at our approach.

Job impact analyses

We analyze your current processes and workflows, assessing the impact of proposed changes and designing new, efficient ways of working.

Targeted workforce transition programs

We develop change management programs that encompass various elements, including raising awareness, building a sponsor plan, creating desire for change, developing communication and training plans, as well as establishing change and key user communities.

Communication strategy

Our team creates comprehensive communication plans, contributes to content development, and executes strategies.

Individual training programs

We develop tailored training content for different roles, equipping employees with the necessary skills, resources and knowledge to succeed in their new ways of working.

Key user communities

We identify and recruit key users, providing them with specialized training and support to ensure that knowledge and expertise is effectively integrated within your organization. We also keep them engaged throughout the roll out and implementation process.

Resistance plan

We develop proactive resistance plans to address expected and unexpected resistance to change. Our strategies help overcome barriers and facilitate a smoother transition for a successful change management.

Sustainable change

We offer training programs to key users, leaders, and employees within your organization, empowering them to become change managers themselves. The Integration of organizational change knowledge is key to ensuring the sustainability of change efforts even after our engagement concludes.

Our approach to Change Management

Empowering successful business transformation

Change management requires a holistic, data-driven, proactive and structured approach. For transformation projects to be successful, Management and all stakeholders need to be prepared and equipped to adopt new technologies and change the way of working.

Inadequate or insufficient implementation thereof will likely not deliver the desired outcomes. Our change management program, based on the Prosci methodology and ADKAR model, guides enterprises, leaders, and employees through the five key phases of change.

Our Approach to Change Management

These stages ensure that leadership and employees are clear on change management, aware of the benefits and ready to implement change.

While the stages of the change model may not always follow a linear path in client projects, addressing each stage is essential for successful change.

How we help you succeed

At KPMG, we combine our expertise in change management and IT with specific sector knowledge (e.g., life sciences, industry, NGOs). This unique combination, backed by a strong methodical knowledge base, allows us to collaborate closely with our clients in an iterative and agile way.

With in-depth expertise in change management and digital transformation, we empower our clients to navigate change with confidence. With the right integration of resources, and our solution-oriented approach we help you make an impact.

As your trusted partner in change management, ERP solutions, transformation programs, leadership support, and business technology, we are committed to driving sustainable change, enhancing performance, and creating lasting value for your organization.