Companies are increasingly becoming aware of one of their most valuable assets – data – together with the need to safeguard it accordingly. As the focus on data protection, and especially on protecting sensitive personal data, has increased worldwide, organizations must take steps to ensure that they meet new or amended legal requirements (e.g. GDPR or E-DSG) so as to avoid significant financial and reputational damage.

KPMG assists companies in properly managing and protecting their data by providing a wide range of services, from data protection, digital governance, third-party governance/cloud compliance, document management and archiving all the way to data agent services. Our specialists in data protection, legal & compliance, IT security, risk management and audit cover all relevant aspects – from legal support to the implementation with respect to corporate governance and technical measures.

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Many companies are struggling with the challenges posed by new data protection legislation (e.g. DSGVO and the Swiss Data Protection Act) and are facing difficulties in creating value from their data. KPMG's global network has deep expertise across a broad spectrum, helping companies manage their data correctly and securely. No matter what stage you are at regarding data protection, digital and third party governance / cloud compliance, data management and archiving, we can help you achieve your goal.