The Elevate approach helps you to unlock value fast. Turn your data sets into value – from strategy to execution.

We use data analytics to help you deliver value – quickly and confidently – in a rapidly evolving business environment. Together, we’ll achieve measurable improvements to your revenue, operating margins, cost structures and working capital positions. 

We use the power of technology to help you focus on the next steps, wherever you currently stand in your journey. By understanding what’s driving your financial ratios, you can push enterprise-wide growth, be confident in times of stress and unlock the true value of your assets.

  • Are your deals delivering the value you expected?
    Uncover previously hidden value to maximize your bid, valuation or asset price. We see the deal process as the catalyst for broader value realization – both leading up to the transaction and long after. Choosing to work with KPMG Elevate is a strategic investment in your deal success.
  • Are you prioritizing the best value opportunities?
    Business transformations are essential to long-term growth in today’s highly fluid environment. But faced with a host of good options, how do you choose where to place your bets? KPMG Elevate goes beyond finance and accounting to offer fresh perspectives and a pathway to innovation.
  • Are you ready to turn your performance around?
    Turnarounds can be a challenge. But also an opportunity to create a leaner, more flexible and far more competitive company. Our approach can help you move from crisis to profitability.

Why KPMG Elevate?

  • Quantify
    We help your finance team uncover and quantify value creation opportunities through advanced analytics
  • Execute
    KPMG’s teams of experienced data scientists and analysts seek to capture value from strategy to execution
KPMG Elevate Diagram: from strategy to execution
  • Measure
    Together, we examine and monitor value creation and execution success
  • Prioritize
    Let us help you identify the best opportunities and develop a roadmap to generate value for your stakeholders

Your company is unique, with its own value proposition and position in your markets. To drive your development wherever you currently stand in the business life-cycle, you need real-world insights into your specific situation. KPMG Elevate is your resource to do just that. 

We bring together the right data points, industry experience and financial analysis capabilities to help you understand what’s happening at the core of your business. Using big data technologies across more than 300 value-based analytical models, we analyze your financial data and non-financial KPIs. 

What is value creation?

Value creation is not just about profit. It refers to performance improvements beyond your day-to-day business activities, including from corporate transactions. It comes from eliminating inefficiencies and seeking ways to improve finance-related metrics such as operating margin, cost, liquidity and capital expenditure. 

Your journey to quantifiable value

KPMG Elevate brings together big data, insights and execution capabilities that enable you to prioritize and deliver value quickly and confidently.

We use numerous pools of proprietary data to offer a fresh perspective and define new opportunities. And then we tap into our deep sector experience and execution capabilities to deliver on those opportunities. Choose from Elevate for transformations, transactions and turnarounds.

Elevate transformations

Discover what a detailed analysis reveals about future opportunities 

Elevate transactions

Unlock the value of assets in all your deals

Elevate turnaround

Benefit from confidence in your figures, even when times are tough 

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