Corporate financing via the capital market poses major challenges for any company.

The combination of our proven technical knowledge and years of experience in the strategic execution of capital market transactions gives our clients access to a holistic offering to ensure a successful transaction.

Our services cover the entire lifecycle of a capital markets transaction from evaluation and offering to maintenance of capital markets obligations.

Our services include advice on:

  • IPO Readiness Assessments
  • Preparation of companies for the capital market
  • Execution of capital market transactions
  • Maintenance of capital market requirements
  • Spin-off, sale and debt issuance processes

As part of a comprehensive IPO Readiness Assessment, we support you in achieving the minimum level of maturity required to make your company capital market ready, based on the insights gained in the areas of Capital Market, Reporting & Financial Aspects/IT, Corporate Governance/Compliance & Legal as well as Tax.

During an IPO, we support you as an experienced sparring partner, complementary to the banks, and thus act as a link between you and all other stakeholders in the process. We train your staff to work in the new environment and, for the purposes of the listing prospectus, assist you in preparing historical financial statements as well as pro forma financial information in compliance with regulatory requirements.

We help you to understand the requirements and rules of the Swiss as well as the most important foreign stock exchanges and solve the corresponding challenges with you.

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