Information for Recruitment Agencies

We are delighted that you want to present us with suitable candidates. Please read the instructions below to learn how it works.

Here's how it works

We have defined our own standard terms and conditions for working with recruitment agencies and, since 2018, have a standardized process for proposing candidates via the company APC International.

APC International is not an agency; it is a third-party provider in the field of agency management that is also used by other companies. Our standard terms and conditions ensure that rates are in line with the rest of the market, that the off-limits rule is observed and that fair guarantee services are defined.

  • Register as a recruitment agency with our service provider APC International at You will then have access to all jobs for which we are accepting applications via recruitment agencies. The conditions that apply to all agencies can be found in all KPMG job postings on

  • Upload your candidate files via APC International’s applicant platform. KPMG’s recruitment team will then check the applications.

  • If we want to arrange an interview, we will normally contact the candidate directly and also notify them about success or rejection afterward. Please inform your candidates that they may therefore be contacted directly by KPMG. If the candidate is not put through for interview, we will inform APC about the rejection of the application.

  • If there is a successful placement, billing will take place via APC International.

  • Please do not create a user account in a candidate’s name and please do not apply on their behalf via the KPMG job website. We will only accept applications that are submitted via APC International’s applicant platform and will only pay an agency fee in those circumstances.

  • For data protection reasons, we cannot accept any applications that are sent to our recruitment team or to any other KPMG employees and partners by email. We will also not follow up any recommendations that you make to us during conversations on the telephone or in person.

Important information

  • APC International does not collect data for itself, does not recruit its own candidates and does not carry out any pre-selection.

  • APC International ensures that application documents are complete, in line with KPMG’s guidelines, and only then will forward them on. You will find relevant information for all KPMG vacancies under “Required Candidate Information,” “Required Candidate Documents” and “Other Information” at Please therefore only submit complete candidate files.

Contact details

APC International GmbH

Industriestrasse 7, 8618 Oetwil am See