Prof. Dr. Rob Fijneman

Partner, Audit

KPMG Switzerland

Rob Fijneman is an Audit Partner.

He has a strong technology focus and shares his expertise with KPMG’s Assurance Technology Group and Financial Services. With his over 35 years of experience in technology-enabled audit and advisory services, Rob serves a broad portfolio of multinationals. A board member himself for five years, Rob has experienced first-hand the challenges of IT governance and technology.

Rob joined KPMG Netherlands in 1986 and worked in multiple global audit and advisory engagements. His main focus areas are corporate clients and financial services, with a special focus on IT governance and board discussions around technology. Rob is now based in Zurich and continues to work as an IT audit expert for major international clients.

Rob is a professor in IT auditing at a Dutch university and is a chartered financial auditor and IT auditor. He is member of the Dutch professional bodies in these fields.

In 2019 Rob received a degree as officer in the Order of Oranje-Nassau by the Dutch King for his achievements in the field of IT auditing.

  1. Education and Qualifications
    MsC Information management in 1986, Postmaster Accountancy (CPA) since 1988, Postmaster IT auditing since 1992, Ph.D. in Auditing in 1999