Customer Experience

Customer Experience

Our mission is to help our clients drive profitable growth.

Our mission is to help our clients drive profitable growth.

Many organizations tend to undertake discrete customer-focused projects without considering their broader impact on the customer experience. Such projects can include customer-focused initiatives managed within functional silos (i.e., marketing or sales), independent solutions that fail to leverage customer insights and data more broadly across the organization, and digital solutions that miss the opportunity to make a larger impact 

Challenges companies are facing:

As we emerge from the economic crisis, you’re naturally turning your attention to growth and profitability. But we believe the market has changed in the following ways: 

  • Many organizations fail to match up to today’s consumer expectations.
  • Increasingly customers want immediacy of service, constant accessibility, first time resolution, personalized products and services AND value for money. Yet many operating models are not yet sufficiently agile, flexible and adaptable to meet deliver.
  • In competitive markets, the cost of acquiring new customers is far higher than the cost of retaining existing customers
  • You need to deliver great customer experiences – not just in digital but seamlessly across both your online and offline channels
  • Failing to have a systematic framework to understand what customers value, leads to both under and over customer service investment
  • Digital communications are only beginning to transform how your customers interact with your brand. 
  • The huge number of customer journey interactions are both an opportunity and threat to customer loyalty and business performance


How KPMG can help:

Businesses today are constantly striving to drive growth and sustain value in a rapidly changing landscape where innovation is a necessity and the always-connected consumer has higher expectations than ever before. 

Optimizing customer experiences is a critical component of achieving business goals—and one that is often neglected. Effective customer experience management helps businesses re-imagine the experiences of their customers to strike the optimal balance between meeting customer’s needs and achieving business objectives. 

We offer insight into what your customers’ experience, analysing what they value, diagnosing problems and re-designing processes and interactions to deliver improved financial returns. Through our acquisition of Nunwood, a market leading customer experience consultancy, we use market leading technologies and capabilities to capture real-time customer feedback. This enables us to give our clients information to make informed decisions which can improve customer experience. 

At the heart of our capability is our customer experience framework. Adopting the framework can result in:  

  • Increased acquisition, via advocacyCreation of long-term shareholder value
  • Guaranteeing a market leading customer experience ranking. 

By mapping customer journeys, researching customer behavior, analyzing data and usability testing, we can help you to redesign customer experience and increase growth.

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