Customer Analytics

Customer Analytics

A new driver of performance and valuation.

A new driver of performance and valuation.

Companies are struggling with BIG DATA.

How do organizations turn data into insights, and insights into real business advantage?

In our International Data & Analytics survey respondents admitted that turning mountains of data into valuable, practical and actionable business analytics is not nearly as straightforward as people believe.  

Companies are uncertain about how to best proceed with their analytics. Eighty-five percent said that they are facing significant challenges in implementing the correct solutions to accurately analyze and interpret their data. 

More than half of all survey respondents (54 percent) said that one of their biggest barriers to implementing a Customer Analytics strategy across the enterprise is an inability to identify what data to collect, followed closely by a lack of capacity to capture and analyze all the data from all areas of the business.


Why data is important:

  • Analytics enables a shift of focus from simply delivering data to establishing a business analytics approach for evolving to an intelligent enterprise.
  • Organizations make decisions based on analysis of data to: Create plans, explore alternatives and understand trade-offs
  • Monitor operational and financial performanceDrive day-to-day operational processes, allocate capital and resources
  • Predict future outcomesRespond to changes in business conditions


How KPMG can help:

Analytics represents the ability to acquire, consolidate and transform simple data into relevant information, allowing knowledge to drive business decisions and actions. But extracting actionable information from data grows more difficult as data volumes continue to swell. Decades of technology innovation have focused on moving businesses beyond reliance on spreadsheets, yet manual and offline tools continue to underpin critical management decision making and reporting.

KPMG can help you capitalize on the value of your data – including real time, historical and predictive insights – to support strategic, tactical and operational decisions.  

Customer Analytics is part of our data analytics capability, creating powerful data-driven solutions across a range of our practices. We specialize in innovative methods of sourcing and analyzing ‘voice-of-customer’ and ‘voice-of-business’ data.

We integrate a range of data – such as revenue, cost, product, risk, channel and profitability – to create customer-centric data models.

Using latest business intelligence tools, our modelling team converts this data into actionable insight and puts it in the hands of business decision makers, from the frontline to the board. 

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