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Private equity’s hot new investment: Mining ROI from within

Here’s how KPMG helped a leading private equity company transform its fund reporting operations and generate new value for investment partners.


Leading private equity firm


Financial services – private equity

Primary goal

Streamline fund reporting by automating manual processes and improving the speed and quality of outputs


Workiva cloud-based platform for front-end reporting, workflows, and collaboration, and back-end data

Private equity firms excel at identifying undervalued opportunities, unlocking their untapped potential, and delivering robust returns for their investment partners. Some private equity companies are now finding those value opportunities within their own firms via operational efficiencies that reduce overall investment costs. One big difference-maker is a leading-edge financial reporting approach that cuts weeks off reporting cycles, improves the quality of insights, and delivers net-new value—for both the company and its partners. Here’s how KPMG helped our private equity client deploy the powerful Workiva platform to significantly upgrade its reporting processes—and unlock more of its own value.


Making a measurable difference

  • 50% reduction in time required to generate the reporting required for each fund
  • Over $1.2 million in annual savings on related overall operational costs
  • Significantly improved user experience that enables high-quality reports and insights
  • Just-in-time compliance with stringent new private investment reporting requirements from the SEC

Client transformation journey

Click on each part of the journey to learn more about our client’s transformation.

Building a powerful new reporting platform

Our private equity client was committed to transforming its overall approach to reporting across its 25 funds. But they wanted to see a clear business case, implementation plan, and tested path to return on investment (ROI). Here’s how our KPMG team worked with them to make that happen.

Phase 1: Enablement and testing — Establishing the business case, proving the concept

Beginning in late Spring 2023, our KPMG team worked with the client to build the business case and develop the overall project roadmap, drawing on our extensive experience with Workiva, including facilitating discussions around licensing options that would scale up over the first two phases. 

Phase 1 focused on initial enablement and testing of the Workiva platform, starting with 5 of the firm’s 25 funds. This first phase kicked off in late June and ran through early September. Key steps included:

  • Establishing project governance and regular reviews with the steering group
  • Functional design and implementation of the Workiva platform, which manages the front-end report content assets, templates, and workflows
  • Technical design and implementation of the Workiva platform, which manages all of the required back-end data
  • Identifying all potential data needs, building API connections to the client source systems, and then mapping them through for always-on availability in the Workiva database
  • Connecting and testing integration between the Workiva platform and Wdata implementations
  • Building initial investor reports, including custom images, graphs, and review-and-approval processes
  • Testing reports to ensure accuracy of both unique and common data elements
  • Go-live deployment of all reports for the first five funds in Week 12
  • Training for the client’s teams and ongoing support and monitoring for the newly live platform.

Phase 2: Rollout and utilization — Deploying and operationalizing

With the first five reports live and demonstrating the potential for rapid results, we quickly shifted to Phase 2, which ran from mid-September through October and focused on extending the new reporting capabilities across the remaining 20 funds. Key steps mirrored many of the tested tactics from Phase 1, now extended to the client’s full roster of funds:

  • The Workiva platform implementation and enhancements to support the unique content and template needs of the 20 new funds
  • Integration of the expanded Workiva platform elements with the established Wdata back-end, including mapping in any additional data needs to the Workiva database
  • Building and generating the expanded suite of reports, including testing and wide-ranging integration
  • Updated review and approval collaboration processes
  • Final deployment and go-live for the full reporting platform.

Phase 3: Expansion and optimization — Extending the capabilities

The originally planned two-phase project was completed in 19 weeks—on time, on budget, and exceeding expectations. It was so immediately successful for the client that a third phase was added to further extend and optimize the reporting capabilities. That work is ongoing and includes:

  • Batch-reporting to support autoscheduled reports for all 25 funds at once
  • More customized reporting—from one-page summaries to expanded quarterly reports and investor relations packages—that improve the customer experience for the client’s limited partners and enhance its marketing materials
  • Enhanced and customized internal controls to help ensure reporting accuracy, including quarter-to-quarter analysis, data quality controls, dashboards, etc.
  • Additional workflow automations that continue to shave time off the review cycles
  • Opportunities to expand Workiva’s capabilities to support other areas of the business, such as valuations, distributions, tax reporting, and more.

Unlocking the value within

In just 19 weeks, our client was able to transform its fund reporting operations and tap into new value for both the firm and its limited partners. Reports that previously took multiple weeks to create can now be generated in minutes. Fund managers have more time to spend on developing unique insights for their clients, thanks to Workiva’s user experience, which allows them to generate ad-hoc reports for specific partners. The new platform also future-proofs the company for any new regulatory changes through its ability to easily add or adjust reporting requirements. Beyond just the ongoing cost and time savings, the client’s transformative new approach to reporting empowers fund managers to focus a lot more on what they do best: driving value for their partners and generating new business for the firm.

Meet the team that makes the difference for our private equity clients

Finding and unlocking value within financial service organizations is a highly specialized “ask” that requires hands-on experience with a wide variety of business cases, technology partners, and plenty of at-bats on successful transformation initiatives. Please reach out to us if we can help you think about new ways to improve your company’s financial reporting workflows, reduce your costs of investment, and generate new value for your partners. KPMG. Make the Difference.

Image of Nilotpal Roy
Nilotpal Roy
Principal, Advisory, KPMG LLP
Image of Parag Patwardhan
Parag Patwardhan
Director, Advisory, C&O Financial Services, KPMG LLP

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