We empower you to set up a gateway to transfer data and applications to the cloud, which captures all requirements of cloud onboarding. During such onboarding, client needs and provider’s requirements need to be aligned while compliance and security must be assured.

Your benefits

  • Potential cost reductions for managing and maintaining your IT systems
  • Competitive advantage over your competitors
  • Faster deployment of required resources for your system
  • Fast expansion of storage capacity whenever needed

Our expertise

  • Assessment of your applications, infrastructure and data
  • Evaluation of best fit services/provider based on strategic business needs
  • Advice and support on technical, compliance, governance, privacy, and regulatory questions
  • Help in discovering dependencies to prioritize applications and identify required remedies
  • Strategic guidance that leads to a formal strategy and roadmap

Cloud services are attractive as they offer flexibility, scalability, speed, quality, availability and innovation. Good preparation and a well-thought-out implementation are crucial. Comprehensive governance, an eye on data protection and a compliance framework are the hallmark of a successful transformation.

Key contacts

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