Digital Business Developer Apprenticeship EFZ

Do you have a great enthusiasm for IT and a strong technical understanding? Do you have lots of innovative ideas that you would like to turn into reality? Be bold and apply to become a digital business developer EFZ.

Apprenticeship in Digital Business Development

During your apprenticeship, you will become a digitalisation professional. You will help with requirements management, testing and introduction of applications and products. You will act as a link between business and IT by analyzing and visualizing business processes and data. With your open and communicative manner, you will train users so that they can use the new application optimally.

  • Duration: 4 years

  • Opportunities in Zurich

  • The apprenticeships available at the various sites may vary. Using the this link, you can find out whether an apprenticeship is on offer at the site you have chosen.

This will give you the edge:

  • You are interested in IT topics and possess a strong technical understanding of processes and procedures

  • Your strengths include a pronounced understanding of service provision and good communication abilities

  • You are an independent and outgoing personality

  • You have a good imagination and work reliably and accurately

  • You have the curiosity to familiarize yourself with new topics and enjoy dealing with technical innovations

  • You have a good upper secondary school leaving certificate (“Sek A”)

  • You have very good grades in English, mathematics and possibly computer science

Do you have any questions?

Dominik Schneider

Apprentices Lead