Enhanced Compliance

Enhanced Compliance

Improve your compliance with a global documentation process that creates modular and easy-to-update documentation reports.

Modular Transfer Pricing Documentation reports improve your compliance.

Clients benefit from Stage 4 of KPMG’s TP Lifecycle with a global documentation process that creates modular and easy to update documentation reports. Compliance requirements and transparency are on the rise globally. To protect reputation and be prepared for scrutiny and challenges from tax authorities, it is more important than ever to properly document the arm’s length character of the transfer prices and fulfill other transfer pricing compliance requirements consistently in all relevant jurisdictions.

We manage your compliance by designing and implementing a global documentation process that enables you to consistently document your transfer pricing system wherever required. The modular documentation reports ensure an efficient documentation preparation, generating synergies and enhancing consistency through data & analytics techniques. Whether you need a full end-to-end documentation service with our technology solution “LINK TP”, or simply need KPMG for selected parts of your documentation and compliance process – we are there to guide and support you.

Your benefits

  • Thorough transfer pricing documentation
  • Global process for improved quality and consistency
  • Higher data accuracy and more data insights
  • Lower risk costs
  • Lower compliance costs

Our expertise

  • Preparation of group-wide global transfer pricing documentation
  • Development of a global update process of your documentation
  • Establishing data models for transfer pricing purposes 
  • Support in the compliance with other rules and regulation, such as transfer pricing returns, etc.
  • Support in the compliance of obligations for the country-by-country reporting

Transfer pricing has become much more complex in view of the ongoing digitalization, new business models and increasing transparency. Multinational groups need a partner that provides guidance through this complexity. We help to identify risks and opportunities, plan a sustainable and pragmatic transfer pricing system, support compliance and data integrity, and manage risks arising in tax audits, thus driving value and maintaining reputation.

We understand the needs of our clients and call this continuous and sustainable improvement process “KPMG's TP Lifecycle”.


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LINK TP – Automated and D&A driven TP compliance (PDF)

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