A reliable decision-making basis is imperative when making decisions with far-reaching consequences. Any information published must be accurate, all workflows, systems and processes must function correctly in all situations and risks need to be adequately factored in.

Reliable internal workflows and results establish trust.

Issues such as these call for independent assessments performed by experts who identify risks and provide assurance by various means including a review of the internal control systems. 

The risks are frequently related to parts of the company that are not covered by traditional audits. That is precisely where our experts want to offer added assurance.

By calling in additional specialists on a case-by-case basis – for matters concerning taxes, sustainability, IT or forensic, for instance – KPMG ensures that each and every assignment is carried out with the utmost of quality by an interdisciplinary team. 

KPMG's global assurance expertise

  • Checking contract fulfilment and ensuring compliance with regulatory requirements
  • Reviewing external reports regarding corporate ethics and sustainability
  • Reviewing the risk management and internal control systems
  • Providing feedback on the robustness and effectiveness of internal processes
  • Creating transparency in terms of IT, data security and data protection
  • Clarifying questions related to financial reporting and taxes
  • Reviewing the methodology used for budgeting and financial planning

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