In a landscape fraught with challenges such as supply shortages, price volatility, new regulations, and a growing demand for transparency, Procurement now assumes a central role in elevating the company's enduring performance and value.

In this context our team supports Chief Procurement Officers (CPOs) in developing resilient Procurement strategies and an efficient operating model.

Why KPMG services?

We are Procurement experts

We help our clients transition from a transactional to a more strategic orientation and address the increase of productivity and the optimization of all cost positions along the value chain. We support clients in various industries with Procurement transformations incl. strategic, tactical and transactional projects.

We know Procurement technologies

KPMG has strong expertise in e-Procurement tool implementation and brings unrivalled experience of successfully deploying e-Procurement tools in Europe, North America and Australia. Using our Procurement powered approach, we guide you through your business requirements while avoiding complex and non-maintainable configurations with strong focus on the end user experience to ensure their adoption.

We secure a high adoption to the change

Our dedicated change management experts focus on driving successful transformations. Our services include but are not limited to digital strategies, omni-channel management and HR transformation. An agile and action-oriented approach ensures leadership, organization and commitment of client employees.

Global network of experts

We leverage our worldwide network to bring local culture and experience together with the best expertise in each country to manage a successful rollout of your project in all entities.

What are today's challenges in Procurement?

At KPMG, we understand the biggest challenges in Procurement and work collaboratively with our clients to overcome them. 

Supplier risk management

Companies are grappling with challenges in managing supplier risk, including assessing unpredictable financial stability, navigating geopolitical uncertainties and managing heavy reliance on single suppliers.


Navigating complex regulations, mitigating legal risks and integrating sustainable practices demand meticulous attention to detail and ongoing efforts to align Procurement processes with evolving compliance requirements.

Spend transparency

Limited visibility into organizational spending hampers effective decision-making. Inadequate insight may result in missed opportunities for cost savings and hinder strategic planning.

Reduce manual & non-value-added activities

Manual tasks, data entry and administrative processes unnecessarily divert resources from strategic functions.

Lack of controls over Procurement activities

Without proper oversight, companies risk fraud, unauthorized purchases, and contract mismanagement.

Sustainability in Procurement

The strategic involvement of the Procurement department is crucial for ensuring compliance with emerging ESG regulations. By integrating Sustainable Procurement practices such as circular economy, life cycle assessment, local sourcing, green specifications, and transparency in the supply chain your organization can not only be compliant with the current regulation but also achieve a unique competitive advantage in the eyes of customers.

Navigating success: our proven approach

At KPMG we help our clients address these challenges by defining their Procurement Target Operation Model around 6 key levers: strategy, governance, processes, technology, delivery model and talent

We believe that a successful Procurement transformation depends on a structured approach, tailored to your industry and based on data-driven insights. Drawing upon our extensive global experience in orchestrating such transformations, KPMG has crafted accelerators designed to offer pre-defined business solutions rooted in industry-leading practices.

These accelerators not only address common challenges faced by many companies but also allow us to focus our efforts on identifying the unique needs of each and every client.


Procurement strategy definition

  • Perform a Procurement Maturity Assessment
  • Identify cost-saving levers in both direct and indirect purchases
  • Define improvement measures


Procurement governance

  • Review current Procurement policies
  • Assess control failures
  • Define and prepare ESG reports


Process optimization

  • Assess and design a Source-to-Pay process
  • Manage compliance and sustainability challenges



  • Evaluate e-Procurement solutions
  • Implement Source-to-pay solutions (with our alliance partners Coupa and Ivalua or other solutions)
  • Assess your current implementation


Service delivery model

  • Design a service model



  • Review and assess roles and responsibilities
  • Build the future RACI for Procurement

Success stories and client cases that define our services

Please find a selection of our latest client work below to learn more about our services and specific client cases that we worked on.

Invoice-to-pay digitalization

KPMG supported a laboratory solutions producer in the life sciences industry by creating a globally aligned and robust core model Invoice-to-pay tool design based on selected business units for the pilot incl. roll-out. We additionally helped with the implementation and facilitated the integration between the solutions Coupa and Kofax.

Source-to-contract feasability study

KPMG developed a business case and a roadmap for the source-to-contract transformation for a global provider of authentification solutions in the security printing industry. The client's procurement department was under pressure to control costs, identify opportunities and increase efficiency. Therefore, it set out to digitalize its Procurement processes and to evaluate benefits and costs of this transformation.

Source-to-pay digitalization

KPMG helped a watch manufacturer with the selection of a source-to-pay solution that had to fit their requirements and integrate all its industry complexity for both direct and indirect Procurement. Before launching the request for proposal, the client asked KPMG to prepare a targeted solution design to limit the implementation risk and time. 

Source-to-contract implementation

KPMG supported a global leader in implantology with the implementation of a solution to structure and automate supplier relationship management and source-to-contract processes. The client aimed to achieve digital transparency and maturity in its Procurement and legal functions.

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