We empower you to comply with the relevant data protection regulations and support organizations and their Data Protection Officers with second-level data protection support and subject-matter expertise. We not only assess your degree of compliance but also support you in implementing the necessary compliance framework, including governance, processes, policies, technical and organizational measures, secure cross-border transfers, training and awareness.

Your benefits

  • Mature compliance organization in regard to GDPR and Swiss DPA
  • Lean and agile data protection organization
  • Trained and problem-sensitive employees
  • Better understanding of your organization’s data flows and processing activities
  • Professional relief for DPOs
  • Constantly evolving and improving central pool of processes and proven model documentation
  • Excellent investment for the service, based on effective use

Our expertise

  • Assess level of maturity of the organization’s compliance
  • Design-required governance, processes, policies, technical and organizational measures, training and awareness
  • Provide data protection subject-matter expertise, including legal, compliance, cyber and audit skills
  • Conduct privacy assessments and implementation of key compliance measures
  • Ensure compliance for specific areas such as Compliance in Cloud Services
  • Get GDPR certifications
  • Act as a central Point of Contact for the operational handling of specific data protection requests, such as data subject requests and data breaches
  • Design GDPR Framework Management and operationally support DPOs

Many organizations and especially DPOs struggle with the challenges, which the new data protection legislations (e.g. GDPR and Swiss Data Protection Act) bring with them. Having a functional data protection framework (including governance, processes, policies, technical and organizational measures, secure cross-border transfer, training and awareness) mitigates the risk of fines for non-compliance.

Key contacts

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