After a merger, an acquisition or a wind-down, data held by the companies involved needs to be captured and retained for legal reasons. We empower you to meet regulatory requirements in terms of archiving and managing affected data. In addition, we also offer Data Agent Service for Banking by fulfilling all necessary compliance requirements and swiss banking regulations (e.g. FINMA).

Your benefits

  • Substantial cost savings due to outsourcing vs. internal service
  • Decrease of fixed assets, resources and data volume optimization
  • A predefined organizational unit with relevant expertise providing data agent-relevant services
  • Awareness of the challenges and pitfalls which could occur upon the closure of an entity abroad
  • Understanding of compliance monitoring & adaptation to amended regulation
  • Access to a set of specialists within the KPMG network who resolve issues and exceptions

Our expertise

  • Running data agent services that meet applicable regulations
  • Compliant handling of various stakeholder requests
  • Long-term storage lasting 10 or more years and handling of future regulatory changes
  • Definition of governance structures and responsibilities to ensure the banking group’s oversight and accountability after the closure of a Swiss entity.
  • Design of operational procedures compliant with applicable laws and regulation covering i.e. sign-posting, identification, analysis, retrieval, fulfillment and dispatching.
  • Implementation of highly skilled data agent units to fulfil future stakeholder requests, guided by a team of KPMG specialists in legal, compliance, tax and forensics.

Archiving and managing information after a merger, an acquisition or a wind-down is challenging for firms as it requires professional handling of data stored electronically and physically, legally compliant disclosure processes, sufficient operational resilience as well as a continuous adaptation to constantly changing legal and regulatory requirements.

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