Hans Vils

Partner, Audit

KPMG Switzerland / Liechtenstein

Hans Vils is employed with KPMG since 2000. He is specialized in auditing and advising international clients which apply the Liechtenstein or Swiss accounting standards (PGR, Swiss CO, Swiss GAAP FER) or IFRS. He has extensive experience in auditing industrial, trading and service companies as well as insurance companies and foundations. Hans is accredited auditor in Switzerland as well as in Liechtenstein and he is able to provide competent advise to clients in both countries. As a local lead partner Hans is also the “Family Doctor” for all issues of his customers in the region Eastern Switzerland.

  • Audit
  • FMA accredited lead auditor for insurance companies, pension funds and investment funds (IUG, AIFMG, UCITSG)

  • Certified Accountant (Switzerland)

  • Certified Accountant (Liechtenstein)

  • Bachelor of Business Administration

  • Member EXPERTSuisse

  • Member of the Liechtenstein Audit Association