Human Resources Training & Development

Human Resources Training & Development

KPMG supports companies in accurately identifying their executives’ potentiality and in developing them in order to ensure increased performance

KPMG supports companies in accurately identifying their executives’ potentiality...

Accurately identifying your executives’ abilities and potentiality is a necessary step before any training or developmental activity commences, in order to objectively identify improvement areas.

We can also assist define your executive’s training and development needs, determine suitable group or individual training and leadership programs, draw up realistic career development plans and help improve your people’s productivity and loyalty.

As a result, KPMG’s People Services is able to plan appropriate training programs and individual career development plans for executives, so that their capabilities are fully developed and their output and engagement towards the company is maximized.


Leadership /Talent Development

People Services offers a specialized approach to the development of leadership skills.

We cover a range of leadership development and executive coaching programmes:


Training Programs

We plan and implement two kinds of training programmes:

  • Open seminars on a variety of subjects.
  • In-house seminars tailored to the needs of every client.

Our in-house seminars are developed based on:

  • 5 thematic units: Management, Finance & Tax, Human Resources, IT and Customer Management. 
  • Leading "events of excellence" providing knowledge on subjects such as Management, HR, Finance, IT, Sales etc.

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