JustTests.gr is an advanced service, designed to evaluate human resources behavior, aiding in the selection of suitable candidates in the demanding conditions imposed by the modern job market.

Its recent update further enhances its effectiveness, offering more features and tools that optimize candidate assessment and hiring process management. Among these significant changes are:

  • Assessment methodology based on Raymond B. Cattell's personality comparison theory.
  • Advanced assessment of cognitive abilities with improved predictive validity, free from cultural biases, and language-independent results.
  • Promoting equal opportunities and inclusion, ensuring the integrity of the results.

Another significant provision is the summary of candidates' personalities, including information about their problem-solving skills, emotional patterns, communication skills, and interpersonal relationships abilities. Additionally, an evaluation is conducted through the "fluid intelligence" property, which refers to the type of intelligence needed to address complex and innovative challenges. All of these are achieved through three main pillars:

  • A guide that automatically generates personalized interview questions after completing the assessment, assisting human resources professionals in conducting targeted interviews without biases.
  • Tips that aid in individual development based on assessment results.
  • Resources and constraints tailored to each candidate's needs, based on assessment results.