People services

People services

The competitive advantage of each company depends, increasingly, from the people who work and create in

The competitive advantage of each company depends, increasingly, from the people...

Within a constantly shifting economic landscape, an organization’s competitive edge increasingly depends on the people who work for it, creatively contributing to its goals.


Numerous surveys and international experience strongly indicate that businesses who manage their people better than other businesses within the same sector perform better overall, enjoying higher productivity and profitability.

Get the best value from your human capital investment.

Developing the potential of your human capital brings multiple benefits to your organization. Individual employees, and your workforce as a whole, represent the face of your organization to the outside world. In dealings with current and future clients, it is they who ensure customer satisfaction and the continuous improvement of your company’s services and products. They are a powerful lever for your business’s future development and in securing a strong presence within your sector.


Our mission at KPMG’s People Services is to provide the support you need for your organization to remain competitive, innovative, and sustainably profitable. We help by offering a range of dynamic, customized, and result-driven alternatives.


We are your partners in helping you get the best value from your human resources investment.

The four pillars of People Services

HR Strategy Together we shape the strategy that best suits your objectives.

Executive Search & Selection We locate the best candidates for you, according to your current and planned needs.

Performance & Reward Management We help you link performance with compensation, supporting your options with comparative across-industry and -sector Compensation & Benefits Surveys.

Human Resources Development & training We diagnose your training and people development needs, design and implement trustworthy and specialized employee training programmes.


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