Actuarial Services and Financial Statement Support

Actuarial Services and Financial Statement Support

KPMG provides actuarial services to businesses of all sizes to deal with actuarial issues and challenges

KPMG provides actuarial services to businesses of all sizes to deal with actuarial issues

KPMG provides actuarial services to businesses of all sizes (from small domestic to large multinationals) to deal with actuarial issues and challenges arising from the volatile financial and regulatory environment.

In an environment where risks and requirements are constantly increasing, the need for skilled and experienced actuaries is essential.

In addition to technical expertise, KPMG’s actuarial team offers a deep understanding of the important business issues that companies face, along with a strong commitment to providing high quality services at competitive prices.


Actuarial Services

KPMG has actuaries with extensive know-how and experience, enabling us to provide a wide range of actuarial services to both insurance companies and other businesses.

Our actuarial team provides valuable input and can support you in complex tasks with the collaboration with other advisory services of KPMG.

You can find a non-exhaustive list of the actuarial services offered by KPMG below:


Adoption of International Financial Reporting Standard 17

Given the need for insurance companies to comply with the new IFRS 17 accounting standard, it is necessary to assess the current situation in order to identify possible gaps between current practices and the new accounting standard, and plan the roadmap with required actions. In this context, KPMG can support you in the following areas:

  • Gap analysis in actuarial concepts and models
  • Analysis of grouping/ separation /granularity
  • Update and/or design of the actuarial models
  • Identify data requirements and document the actuarial technical specifications
  • Qualitative and quantitative impact assessment


Solvency II

The implementation of the Solvency II framework has brought increased demands and additional difficulties for insurance companies. Extensive knowledge of the regulatory framework makes us your trusted partner. Indicatively, our services include:

  • Outsource your actuarial and/or risk management function
  • Validation of technical provisions
  • Contribution to risk management and reinsurance
  • Own Risk Assessment and Solvency - ORSA
  • Support to the internal control and compliance functions
  • Support with the internal and external reporting


Valuation of Employee Benefits according to IAS 19

All companies that publish financial information in accordance with International Financial Reporting Standards (IFRSs) are required to calculate their liabilities to employees using an actuarial valuation. IAS 19 dictates how various types of employee benefits are valued and how they are presented in the financial statements. The same approach is followed in case of different reporting standards.

KPMG can support you in:

  • Valuation of the employee benefits pension plan according to current legislation
  • Valuation of Pension Funds and Other Pension Plans (DAFs)
  • Accounting disclosures

Other actuarial services

KPMG offers a wide range of services, including the following:

  • Actuarial modeling of the portfolio
  • Validation of technical provisions
  • Product development and pricing 
  • Support in asset and liability matching (ALM)
  • Study/analysis of data and portfolio
  • Support in business transactions (mergers and acquisitions) and portfolio transfers
  • Occupational Pension Funds
  • Audit services

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