Real Estate Advisory & Valuation Services

We provide a range of services to a wide variety of players in the real estate and hospitality markets, such as investors and developers, banks, servicers, hotel companies, corporate occupiers and public sector entities. These include: 

  • Real Estate & Hospitality Market Studies and Benchmarking
  • Feasibility Studies 
  • Real Estate Investment & Portfolio Strategy
  • Investment Appraisals
  • Accredited valuations (financial statements, funding, purchase, sale, lease)
  • REIC advisory and establishment

Corporate Real Estate Management

All private and public sector corporations occupy owned or leased offices, warehouses, production facilities, retail stores etc. in the course of their day-to-day business. In light of major challenges such as flexible workspaces, technology and innovation, cost inflation, rising financing costs and ESG practices, it is necessary to have in place an overall strategy for the cost-effective management of these assets, on a portfolio as well as individual property level. Such strategies can help reduce costs, create liquidity for the core business, and increase work productivity.

  • Property Register and Database: Gather, cleanse, validate, digitize and migrate  real estate-related documentation and data sources to a centralized Data Management System (DMS). 
  • Electronic Real Estate Management System: Develop and configure a system (e.g. SAP based) to incorporate the organization's specific real estate management processes, workflows, and reporting requirements and integrate with other modules such as accounting, IFRS 16, project management, planned maintenance, DMS, GIS, and Auto-CAD, to enable data exchange and process integration.
  • Corporate Real Estate Strategy – For example, analysis of sq.m per employee/function, identification of main cost drivers and scope for efficiencies, opex. and capex. needs analysis, optimization of space requirements, identification of excess space/non-operational real estate which can be monetized, market value of owned space, rents paid Vs market rents,  introduction of KPIs and technology-based Business Intelligence Solutions for ongoing monitoring. 
  • ESG readiness – Assessment of energy efficiency/rating of buildings, potential obsolescence risk/value impact, cost and feasibility of upgrading/obtaining green certification in line with companies’ ESG policies and upcoming regulatory requirements.
  • Real estate spin-off / Sale-and-Leaseback Advisory & Execution – Assessment of the impact of selling operational real estate assets either as a portfolio or individually in terms of liquidity, P&L / Balance Sheet impact, operational considerations. Assist you in undertaking all steps in finding a suitable buyer, structuring a transaction and negotiating a successful sale.  

Funding Solutions

Advice on alternative funding solutions and preparation of all necessary documents,  business plans and applications. Depending on individual circumstances the options include:

  • Recovery Resilience Facility (RRF) Loans
  • Strategic Investments
  • Development Law Incentives 
  • ESPA
  • Bank loans 

Real Estate Transactions

Our experienced team of professionals have a wide-reaching network of contacts with local and international real estate and hospitality investors as well as real estate owners and users, and can assist in all aspects of sourcing, structuring and negotiating a successful transaction for individual assets, real estate owning SPVs, or portfolios (end-to-end): 

  • Sell-side structured processes and open-market tenders (RFPs) for the sale or long-term lease of real estate assets (private and public sector).
  • Buy-side acquisition / leasing (scope requirements, identify suitable properties / investments, negotiate purchase / lease).

Due Diligence & Underwriting

We assist buyers of real estate or real estate-backed loans with all aspects of due diligence, including: 

  • Asset appraisals. “As is” and “highest and best use” studies. 
  • Commercial and market risk assessment. 
  • Tax, legal and financial risk assessment. 
  • ESG assessment.

Asset Management

Assisting real estate investors in overseeing their investments on the ground and maximizing value via proactive asset management:

  • Monitor real estate / hospitality investments - KPIs 
  • Value-enhancement initiatives / asset repositioning studies
  • Management of REOCOs
  • Exit strategy and monetization


  • Office, inc. green certified buildings
  • Retail
  • Residential (Apartments/serviced apartments, villas, branded residences, student accommodation, senior/assisted living).
  • Hospitality (City hotels, resorts)
  • Logistics 
  • Life sciences