HR Strategy

HR Strategy

Our consultants assist you develop the strategic priorities based on Company’s business objectives to ensure long-term existence and development

Our consultants assist you develop the strategic priorities based on Company’s business...

In the current volatile and rapidly mutating corporate environment, the most successful companies are those who develop more efficient ways of evaluating and utilizing their human capital.

In collaboration with your organization’s executives, KPMG’s advisors will assist you shape the strategic axes of your HR programme based on your corporate goals and priorities. We will also plot your organizational model, defining the appropriate staff roles and competences needed.

Our consultants propose the number of employees and the skills required to implement the model in an effective and economical manner. They also set tracking indicators to monitor employee performance and progress, and to alert management in a timely and reliable way.

Obviously, in order for the organization’s strategy and goals to be achieved, its vision and values need to be actualized into desirable behaviours readily adopted by all the organization’s staff.

Employee opinion and commitment surveys help to map the organization’s general climate and identify areas where intervention is necessary. These interventions frequently require that employees adapt to new conditions. We aim for a smooth change process, with any objections / reactions settled in in the most conducive way for the organization’s well-being.

We provide support for those that the cooperation is terminated and assist them to find their next career opportunity, ensuring high productivity levels for those staying and strengthening your organization’s social profile.


Our services can assist you with the following:

  • Vision – values 
  • Mapping existing structure and organizing HR Departments
  • HR Metrics
  • HR operation and policy handbooks
  • Optimum employee allocation
  • Job descriptions and position specifications 
  • Employee opinion and engagement surveys 
  • Change Management Services
  • Outplacement and Career Counseling Services (PDF - Greek 123 KB) 
  • Retiring, not expiring (PDF - Greek 794 KB) 

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