Leveraging advanced and emerging technologies with a business-led approach

Combining an ongoing investment in advanced technology, with experience gained from working across thousands of functional transformations, KPMG professionals can help transform your organization into a powered enterprise of the future.

Building on years of KPMG firms’ leading practice knowledge of functional processes, delivery methodologies, operating models, and deep industry experience, the approach delivers technology transformation differently – with a business-first point of view.

Powered Technology: Built for the cloud

Through KPMG Powered Technology, KPMG professionals have established alliances with many of the world’s leading cloud technology companies.

The KPMG Target Operating Model, which sits at the core of KPMG Powered Enterprise, is pre-configured to work with your cloud platform of choice and gives you immediate access to thousands of digital leading practice capabilities.

Not only do you gain immediate access, but you also remain current with KPMG leading practice through the cloud’s evergreen release cycle of continuous updates. This helps to ensure that your organization is always moving forward with data-led insight, innovation, and agility.

Powered Technology: Augmenting SaaS platforms with digital solutions

Powered Technology goes beyond cloud implementation. It includes a suite of digital solutions that leverage advanced and emerging technologies, including AI, machine learning, data and analytics. These solutions are designed to augment your organization’s operational efficiency, resulting in higher performance, deeper insights and faster speed-to-value.

As you embark on your transformation journey, it can be hard to know in which scenarios to apply the appropriate digital solutions against your functional processes. Taking a business-first approach to optimization and transformation, the processing engineering has been done for you. Hundreds of digital use cases have been developed that demonstrate how to enhance specific process areas, using the right technology, to help reduce risk and get the most out of your Powered solution.

Leveraging five categories of digital enablement, listed below, each with specific digital capabilities, and supported by a repository of digital use cases, Powered Technology professionals work with you to align these use cases against enhanced levels of process management within your function.

These five digital enablement categories can help you with:

  1. Interaction: Improving employee experience with technology and data
  2. Automation: Optimization and automation of business processes and transactions
  3. Intelligence: Generation and visualization of data insights
  4. Information: Ingesting and processing data across the enterprise
  5. Environment: working with your cloud systems and applications with supporting infrastructure

Powered Technology: Accelerating implementation through technology services

For businesses to be nimble to meet market demands, their organizations should have the ability to deliver technology change quickly. To support your implementation needs, KPMG professionals have developed a suite of technology services that provide enhanced automation for project delivery activities. These include process mining, data solutions and automation & testing.

What’s in the box?

Powered Enterprise provides you with three integrated elements for transformational success. Using our tried and tested operating model, implementation suite of tools and ongoing evolution services you can choose your desired functional outcomes then make them a reality.

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