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 Facing multiple disruptions (not just the global pandemic, but issues such as increased cyber threats), supply chain leaders have rushed in to fight fires and are well aware that the spotlight is on them to keep operations running smoothly. Now, they have the opportunity to further increase their value to the business, by rebuilding the function around a 360-degree view of the entire supply and demand landscape.

The supply chain of the future must relate to commercial operations. Manufacturing should know what’s being promised to the market and push products into the network fulfiling customer demand. Finance must be engaged on both the raw material sourcing side and manage the cash side of customer orders. To create this profoundly powerful and integrated way of operating, significant organisational connections are required for the supply chain function to be recognised as an influential enterprise-wide growth enabler.

What is KPMG’s Powered Supply Chain about?

KPMG’s Powered Supply Chain brings together preconfigured industry-leading practices (such as processes) and a next-generation delivery framework to help clients jump start their supply chain transformation journey. Customer-centric business models, pre-built KPI libraries, data models and reports provide supply chain alignment to your customer experience. This is all underpinned by the KPMG Target Operating Model, fine-tuned to derive value from your chosen technology platform and based upon six layers of change. Supply chain management plays an essential part in connecting the front, middle and back office. Powered Supply Chain is designed with that in mind while supporting your transformation requirements, addressing your challenges both internally and externally.

How can KPMG’s Powered Supply Chain help you embrace change?

Powered Supply Chain helps you to better meet the challenges of customer centricity and responsiveness to change, while maximising data-driven insights and efficiency gains. The Target Operating Model sits at the heart of the Powered Supply Chain and includes six layers:

1. Functional Process — Hundreds of pre-defined, leading practice processes

2. People — Supply chain job definitions with process connections

3. Service Delivery Model — The overall architecture of the model, optimising service delivery

4. Technology — From advanced and predictive analytics to cognitive decision centres, pre-configured technology that can streamline processes

5. Performance Insights and Data — KPIs, process performance indicators and enhanced reporting are all critical components of this layer

6. Governance — Focuses on the risks in the supply chain, as well as duties and policies for every process

How can KPMG’s Powered Supply Chain transform your supply chain?

The modern supply chain relies upon the seamless integration of core business functions such as customer order fulfilment, inventory management, procurement, warehouse management, manufacturing and transportation. It also depends on streamlined, reliable and compliant technology. Part of KPMG’s Powered Supply Chain, the Target Operating Model, shapes your business transformation and maps out operational efficiency for the future. It’s designed to reduce risk while looking to achieve your future state. KPMG’s Powered Supply Chain overcomes the usual shortcomings of a cloud transformation project by offering the agility needed for dynamic evolution. That means what is built today, can become a solid foundation for what you may need tomorrow. It’s an opportunity to create a flexible, thriving supply chain built to handle turbulent times. Powered Supply Chain is designed to support your transformation needs and designed to address questions such as:

  • Is my supply chain initiative focused on customer experience metrics?
  • How can my end-to-end supply chain function as one virtual organisation?
  • Can I see the total demand and supply picture at any point in time?
  • How quickly can I identify and respond to a potential supply continuity issue?
  • Are product movements driven by actual demand or by forecasted demand?

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Supply chain: the big picture

As the business function that ultimately delivers on the all important brand promise, become a true value lever and differentiator.

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What’s in the box?

Powered Enterprise provides you with three integrated elements for transformational success. Using our tried and tested operating model, implementation suite of tools and ongoing evolution services you can choose your desired functional outcomes then make them a reality.