Performance & Reward Management

Performance & Reward Management

We develop Performance Management and Reward Systems customized to the specific needs of each organization

We develop Performance Management and Reward Systems...

We develop Performance Management Systems tailored to the specific needs of each organization and Reward Systems that enhance employee performance, motivation and retention, creating a contemporary and complete performance and reward framework. 

To this end, KPMG in Greece assists companies define their strategy on performance and reward management.

When it comes to Performance Management Systems KPMG assists companies to:

  • Enforce alignment with company’s Strategic Objectives (Key Performance Indicators, Targets, etc.), promoting desirable behaviors and a culture of continuous development based on company’s vision, values and strategy. 
  • Design flexible, easy to implement Performance Management Systems.
  • Implement the system, providing them with the necessary support throughout all stages. 

For Reward Management Systems, KPMG assists companies to:

  • Evaluate the importance of each job position with clear criteria.
  • Decide how to remunerate employees according to their performance and the relative value of their position. 
  • Develop Systems that include both Fixed and Variable Remuneration (bonus schemes), long-term incentives (various share schemes) aiming at rewarding and retaining employees, as well as benefits (company cars, health & pension benefits, etc.) based on company’s needs.
  • Ensure external competitiveness and alignment with the market. KPMG is carrying out Compensation and Benefits Surveys since 1993 and various compensation and benefits benchmarkings.
  • Design effective Voluntary Exit and Employee Reduction Schemes that ensure the fair treatment of the employees leaving the company and also protect the companies’ brand name in the market.

In brief, the services provided by KPMG under the area of Performance and Reward Management are:

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