Internal Audit

Internal Audit

KPMG provides an integrated approach to internal control and business risk management

KPMG provides an integrated approach to internal control and business risk management

Internal audit services (IAS) provide an integrated approach to internal control and business risk management. An analysis of the company's strategic objectives and the processes used to achieve them is performed by using appropriate tools and practices in an effort to support management in recognizing strategic risks and managing them effectively, in applying effective corporate governance methods and practices, and in organizing an effective internal control system.

Internal Audit Strategic Sourcing

Co-sourcing / outsourcing: KPMG's experienced professionals can assist organizations with such processes as risk assessment, audit plan development, internal control procedures documentation, audit programs development, internal audit planning and execution, identification of deficiencies and weaknesses and recommendations for improvements.

The objective is to support the management in pursuing continuous improvement of internal control and operations. The above services can be fully or partly outsourced or co-sourced to KPMG. Co-sourcing additionally aims at transferring knowledge to the company's internal audit department.

Continuous Auditing & Continuous Monitoring

Leveraging KPMG’s methods, tools and professionals to implement or enhance the automated collection of audit evidence and feedback mechanism for management to ensure that the systems and controls have been operating as designed and transactions are processed appropriately.

The goal of CA/CM is to provide greater transparency into operations and more timely reporting of concerns. There are a number of drivers for CA/CM. They include the pressure to improve governance, the need for better visibility into global operations, the occurrence of fraud and misconduct, and the expanding regulatory and risk environment.

In supporting an organization’s efforts to address these drivers, some of the benefits CA/CM offers can include:

  • Delivering better information management 
  • Delivering regular insight into the status of controls and transactions 
  • Timely identification of errors or fraud 
  • Reporting value to the Board and executive management teams

Establishing an Internal Audit Function

Our Internal Audit Organizational Structure services aim at assisting clients in defining the internal audit department's mission, objectives, and position in the company's organizational chart, identifying staffing requirements, developing job descriptions and job specifications, defining the roles and responsibilities of the audit committee, the board of directors, and the internal audit employees, developing internal audit tools, methodologies and processes, and defining performance measures.

Strategic Performance Review

Strategic performance review consists of services that relate to the evaluation of the internal audit department's mission, objectives, organizational structure, staffing, and procedures, in order to identify areas that require improvement. Our experienced professionals can also review and evaluate the department's performance against the requirements and objectives set by the management.


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