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KPMG in Greece offers customized training and development services for the specialized needs of every enterprise

KPMG in Greece offers customized training and development services for the specialized...

We are in the era of digital media, novel platforms, and artificial intelligence.

The KPMG Institute joins forces with all its clients to make the journey of transition into this new era, seizing the challenges it brings for rapid adaptation, in the moment learning, resilience, agility and experimentation in the workplace. New digital market trends and expectations, combined with the global COVID-19 pandemic, necessitate an even faster digital transformation, inviting the contemporary businesses to develop new skills for the future, not only survive but also to grow by upskilling and reskilling their management and employees. 

In response to this need for constant learning and development of new knowledge and skills, the KPMG Institute, having a long-term commitment and expertise in developing the most sophisticated and innovative training programs, aims to enable and empower you for the successful transition of your management and employees into this new era. 

KPMG Institute’s transition model “Developing talent in the New Era: «Upskilling & Reskilling the Way Forward” consists of 4 pillars (Leadership, Digital, Business Expertise, and Wellbeing), under which you will find all the necessary training themes for the development of the digital mindset, knowledge and skills that the contemporary businesses are expected to develop.

KPMG Institute offers dynamic and specialized training programs, fully customized to meet each businesses’ contemporary needs in a highly complex and competitive business environment. All training programs can be delivered in the form of in-classroom setting, webinar, or with a combination of the two (blended learning). Moreover, a large portion of its training programs is offered for individual executives from different companies to attend to during the academic year.

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